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Sultex Offers User-Friendly Shedding Machines February 12, 2006

Posted by viskosaonline in News.

Sultex Ltd., Switzerland, reports its new shedding machines ensure virtually vibration- and play-free operation, reducing stress on the machine and providing a perfect shed.

The Sulzer Textil EP11 tappet motion is available in two models: EP11sld and EP11, with and without automatic shaft leveling. The device is available in four-, six-, eight- and 11-shaft versions, and with weave repeats for four to six picks. It features cams for all standard weaves, allows for staggering, and operates at a maximum speed of up to 1,200 picks per minute.

Sulzer Textil SP6 and SP7 rotary dobbies, designed for use on rapier weaving machines, are very user-friendly and offer fast setting of shed lift and height, according to the company.

Features include a recirculating lubrication system to ensure an extended life even under maximum loads; patented play take-up technology that, coupled with minimal optimized accelerations, ensure smooth operation; and virtually unlimited repeat lengths.

The electronically controlled devices offer a maximum of up to 20 shafts in 12-millimeter pitch; are available with eight, 12, 16 or 20 drives; and operate at a speed of up to 700 picks per minute.



1. zabihi - December 18, 2008

Dear Sir
Hello ,
We are manufacture and exporter all kind of cams for textile machines :
For Carpet machines : Textima , Van De Wiele , CRM , ASR , ALD , ADR , CRT , CRX , GilBos and Etc .
For Fabric machines : Sulzer Cam , Torsion Rod , Cam Disk for let off ( Dobble & Single ) , Picanol , Vamatex , Air-Jet , Somet , Saurer Pin & Roller for all Cams esp . Saurer and Daftin .
Please let me know what kind of Cams do you use then we’ll send you our best quality Cams and you can compare our Cams with original sample in quality ,guarantee and price , The same with original sample in quality and guarantee but in very low price .
We’ll be so glad if we can receive your order as soon as possible .
Please feel free to contact me with the questions you may have, or if you need any further information .
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Best Regards
Mr Zabihi

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